How annoying is it to have to untangle iPhone earbuds in order to use them? Or when you lose them altogether because you have nowhere to store them? Well, those pesky problems can be alleviated by the iHeadCase.

IHeadCase securely holds the iPhone 4, with a compartment in the back designed to store the earbuds. Now if it could only conceal your other bud, right?

To get a case, drop a pledge via Kickstarter, the funding platform for artists and inventors, and they’ll send you one. Your contribution will provide funding cash to hopefully allow the iHeadCase to eventually be mass produced. So not only can you safeguard your earbuds, but you can support the creative process and community, too.

Right now, you can get the items at a discount. A black hardshell case, which doubles as a stand, will set you back $25. If you pledge $40, you’ll get the black wallet version, which is constructed of faux leather and doubles as a wallet. Gotta love multitasking products, right? It eliminates the need for the embarassing “murse,” too!

The clock is ticking, though, as HeadCase has until Feb. 17 to meet its requirements for funding. If they achieve their goal, they plan to create cases for the Blackberry, iPod and iPod touch.