So, how much do you love your Facebook friends?

Better yet, do you even know them?

Regardless of you answer, would you tattoo their profile picture on your body?

How about 152 Facebook profile pictures?

That's exactly what a woman from the Netherlands did recently.

That's right, this gal, Alice, decided she wanted to express her love for her Facebook friends in a way that goes beyond answering silly questions about them on some Facebook app that steals your identity. Alice decided to immortalize then in ink...on her arm.

As a person who has lots of tattoos, I'm all about the freedom of expression that we have with tattoos, but I'm not so sure I would get an appendage covered with over 150 Facebook profile pictures.

Eh, to each his (or her) own.

Here's the video of Alice getting the work done. I have to admit, her artist is amazing. Portraits are tough, and to do 152 on such a small canvas is extraordinary.

My primary is not why, but what happens when/if you de-friend one of those friends?

What happens when they change their profile picture?

What's the craziest tattoo you have ever gotten?

Have you ever had my face tattooed on your ass?