I ran across a news article that really angered me and I had to share this with you. It's about an insensitive neighbor of a family that has a special needs child and the wanted removal of a handicap ramp. 

The Gieseghs have a 16 year old daughter with cerebral palsy who needs the ramp to get in and out of the house. Now common sense would tell you this is not a big deal to most people. However, their is one neighbor of the family that wants the ramp removed because they feel it's lowering their property value.

These neighbors have contacted the Gieseghs and the contractors asking that they remove the ramp. When questioned by the media they only had 'no comment' as a response. By the way, this neighborhood doesn't even have a Home Owners Association, these neighbors are acting on their own.

After being harassed by the neighbors enough, the Gieseghs went to a lawyer and found that they are protected by the Fair Housing Act so they need not worry any more. A Denver-based Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center lawyer has sent the neighbors a letter, laying out the specifics of the law and has even offered to meet with the neighbors if they would like.

Why? Why would someone be so worried about the value of their property that they would harass a family that has a difficult task in the first place. The Giesegh family have just as much right to live in that home as anyone. I don't understand how anyone could be that insensitive to someone. People never cease to amaze me.

What are your thoughts?