Martinsville is a half mile oval track that brings out the best and worst of auto racing's most popular drivers.  Tempers flare and paint is traded in one of the most exciting short track races of the year.  Here are my predictions for Martinsville - Top 10. 

1. Kyle Busch #18

Even thought I'm not a huge Kyle Busch fan, I respect the dude for what he has brought to Nascar - hard nosed racing.  Busch is not afraid to take chances and do a little "hot dogging" from time to time and he is always considered a contender in any race.  He has brought a lot to the sport and has returned old style, intimidating type racing that hasn't been  seen since the late, great, Dale Earnhardt.  In fact, Busch races more like "The Intimidator" than even the #88- Dale Earnhardt Jr.

2. Mark Martin #5

Martin is a saavy veteran who seems to be consistent throughout the season.  His experience and that consistency will keep him running at the front of the pack and unless he gets caught he gets caught up in engine trouble or someone else's mistake, Martin should be up front with a chance to win it at the end.

3. Jimmy Johnson #48

The five time Sprint Cup champ is  a beast when it comes to racing at Martinsville.  Johnson has won 6 times with 17 straight top 10 finishes.  The only reason I do not have him winning is because I'm hoping somebody besides #48 wins - heck, anybody really. But, I do have to put him at the top 5 somewhere because he is Jimmy Johnson.

4. Denny Hamlin:

Between Hamlin and Johnson, they have won the last 9 races at Martinsville.  Hamlin has won the last 3 races in a row and 4 total. So  counting him out would be kind of stupid on my part. Gibbs racing in general seems to always be good in Martinsville.

5. Tony Stewart:

The last driver not named Jimmy Johnson or Denny Hamlin is Tony Stewart. He has two wins at Martinsville and has an average finish of 11 so I think he'll at least finish in the Top 5 and he may even be a dark horse to win it.

6.  Carl Edwards #99

Martinsville  has not been one of cousin Carl's tracks but he does have four top 10 finishes in the last three years and seems to be gaining a little momemtum at the track.  Look for Edwards to be one of front runners and we could be very well seeing him do his signature flip at the start/finsih line.

7.    Jeff Gordon #24

The seven time winner at Martinsville has not won since sweeping the year in 2005.  Gordon has finished in the top 10, the last 15 out of 16 times there so I think he is about due for a win. I would not be surprised to see him out in the front at the beginning of the race only to be passed by the a fore mentioned.

8. Greg Biffle #16

Typically, Martinsville is not a good track for Biffle.  With a 23.0 average finish in 16 starts at Martinsville, you might ask me why in the heck I would put him in my top 10.  My reasoning is simple.  Biffle is a good driver and consistent.  You can throw all the stats out there but when it comes right down to it, the man can race and I would not be a bit surprised if he didn't finish even higher than my list.

9. Kevin Harvick #29

Harvick is coming off a last minute win in Fontana and looking to keep the momentum going.  He has finished 12th or better in six of his last seven starts at Martinsville, and last fall during the Chase, Harvick recorded a career-best third-place finish at the track. I'm thinking a top 10 finish at the very least because, one, he is another one of those consistent drivers and, two, his new black Budweiser ride looks pretty slick.

10. Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88

His daddy won 6 times at Martinsville.  Unfortunately, he is not his daddy nor does he even resemble him from a racing standpoint.  I know, I know, you might say that everybody dogs Jr. these days and brings up that point, but it's true. The good news is that he has five top-15 finishes in his last six starts at the track, and he has an 11.3 average finish at the track since the start of the 2002 season. Personally, I hope to see him win as he is my favorite driver.

Those are my predictions for Martinsville - Top 10.

Who are your favorites to win? Let us know below.

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