So far I haven't picked the winner of any game yet...this weekend that's all gonna change!

Here are my thoughts about this weekends match-ups.

The first game features the Bears and Packers.  In my opinion, this is the Super Bowl.  These 2 teams haven't seen each other in the playoffs in decades.  I'm more excited about this game than I am at the potential of getting laid this weekend.  I'll be happy regardless of the outcome but I'm gonna pick the Packers to win by less than 5 points!

The second game is between the Steelers and Jets.  The Jets have done great up until this point but stand no damn chance against the Steelers.  Yeah, I said it.  The Jets are gonna get beat up.  Big Ben and company will win this game by at least 2 scores!

What are your thoughts about these 2 games?  Or do you even care since the Cowboys aren't in the playoffs!

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And if you haven't seen this video, then watch it and laugh your ass off!