Monday (11/26) I wrote a blog about a family that risked their lives to save their pet.  The tragic story got me thinking about how many others out their are willing to do this and, based off of your votes, it appears that most people in Abilene would risk their own life to save their pet.

The voting was closer than you might think as 52% said yes they would be willing to risk their lives for their pet, while 48% said no they wouldn't.  Check out the complete breakdown of the votes here.

Are you surprised with the results?

Having several pets myself (2 boxers, a cat, and a 'choodle'), it would shake me up pretty bad if something happened to one of them (even the cat who I'm not a fan of).  So, it's not really surprising to me that most people would risk their lives to save their pet.  But how far is too far?

In the case of the California couple, I'm sure they didn't think anything would happen to them if they went into the ocean to save their dog.  I mean, I don't think you have that mentality of "well, I could die, but I'm gonna try to save them anyway".  I think that in a split second decision, you just do it.  If I saw my dog about to be run over, you better believe I would do anything in my power to save my dog.  But, on the flip side, if I saw my pooch about to jump off a cliff, I don't think I would jump over with him.  Follow me?

Whether it's a dog, cat, snake, bird, or some other pet, they literally become a part of your family, so, you do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

So, what is your take on this?  Do you agree with the majority of Abilene?  Leave your comments below.