So, most of you have probably already seen the videos of this monkey, from the Honolulu Zoo, forcing himself on a frog. If not, then you're definitely in for a treat.

What I'm not sure of is this habitual for the monkey. There are 2 videos below, one from 2007 and one from 2010 and neither have the same voices in the background. So, I would assume this frog raping monkey is an actual attraction at this zoo. I make frequent visits to Hawaii, so I just may stop by and watch the show. I wonder if it's BYOB.

Here's the shorter, older video of the monkey and his frog. You'll hear a baby crying in the background, I wonder if the baby saw mommy and daddy doing the same thing and this brought back bad memories.

Warning, this may not be suitable for all audiences.

This one is the longer, newer video.

For some reason, we find humor in animals and their sexual habits. I wonder if the monkey at least bought dinner before having his way with the frog.