Recently, a North Carolina mother was arrested for tattooing her 11 year old daughter. Most people would say that 11 years old may be a little too young for any child to get some ink, but some might be cool with it.  Would you let your underage child get a tattoo?

Now, I'm not talking about the little peel and stick fake tattoos that you get in a gumball machine.  I'm talking real ink here.  In the case of the mother in North Carolina, she didn't know that it was illegal for anybody to tattoo someone under 18 in her state, no matter if the parent gives consent.  Here in Texas, it is illegal unless a parent meets the requirements of 25 Texas Administrative codes.

Personally, for me to give consent to any of my daughters to get a tattoo, there are different factors involved.  For instance, if she had a job, was responsible, and was doing good in school, I might think about it - but, my limit would be 17 years of age.  Yeah, I know, that's only a year before they could legally get some ink anyway.  But, I believe that, at that age, children really begin to grow into adulthood and have more responsibility in their lives.  So, because of that, that means they should be able to do more adult things and make adult decisions.  And, I think getting a tattoo is exactly that - an adult decision.

So, what are your thoughts on this?  Would you let your underage child get a tattoo?