By now, you've had a chance to check out Loudwire Nights, hosted by rock goddess Full Metal Jackie. Well, when you're rockin' out with us at night, make sure you're radio is cranked up at 10pm for "Mission Metallica".

This ain't your ordinary Metallica feature. Each night, Jackie throws down with 3 in a row from the boys in black. You'll hear all the big hits as well as a mixture of deep cuts and new tracks never before heard on rock radio. To go along with the tasty tunes from 'Tallica, Jackie gives you the 411 on the latest from the biggest band in metal.

Get your horns up and get a take in some Metallica with these videos below and make sure you tune in at 10pm each weeknight with Jackie for "Mission Metallica".

Listen to Metallica's "Lords of Summer" Now

Listen to Metallica's 'Ronnie Rising' medley in the player below