When Sgt. Scott Moore,  asked Mila Kunis to go to the Marine Corps Ball with him on his YouTube feed, many people, including myself, thought it would never happen.  Well, funny thing - it WILL happen. Sgt. Scott Moore, who is stationed in Afghanistan, had the cojones to ask Mila Kunis to the Corps Ball in November using his YouTube account.  I'm sure thousands of guys and girls have asked their favorite star to their birthday, wedding, etc.  However, you don't hear many stories about the star actually accepting.  Mila did just that and will be attending the Corps Ball with Sgt. Moore. Lucky ass!

Over the weekend, when promoting her new movie, "Friends with Benefits", Mila was asked about it and accepted the invite.

I wonder if there will be any "benefits" for Sgt. Moore.  Think he'll salute her?

Here is the video that was posted on YouTube of Sgt. Moore asking Mila.


Now, check out why I think he will have the best time he will ever have. I'm not a huge fan of the music in the video, but it's not the music you should be paying attention to.

Honestly, I think it is freakin' cool as hell that Mila is going to do this.  If there was one star you wanted to ask to a ball, concert, fishing trip or whatever, who would it be and why? Leave your comments below.

Here's a bonus gallery ...just because.