Microsoft may not be content with selling us $200-plus consoles, $60 games, $50 controllers and $60-a-year Xbox Live subscriptions. Not to mention subjecting gamers to an endless parade of Xbox 360 ads onscreen. If some bragging from an employee’s online resume is to be believed, the company has got some plans to milk even more money out of gamers.

According to the LinkedIn page of a Microsoft Group Product Planner, the company will roll out a “strategy to further monetize Xbox LIVE subscriber base that will be implemented for holiday 2012.”

Gee, thank you, Microsoft. We were feeling as though we weren’t monetized enough. We really yearn so hard to be further monetized. Monetize us like we’ve never been monetized before, baby!

Now comes the guessing game in which everyone wonders the next way Microsoft will shake us down like a greedy panhandler.