Metallica's Lars Ulrich recently told a Danish newspaper that the boys in black will be returning to the studio very soon - possibly even in the next few months. My thoughts, plus a really cool video of James spitting in slow motion, after the jump.

So,  Metallica could be going back to the studio pretty soon.  So much for more dates on the Big Four tour.  I keep hoping  that they will announce more shows besides that show in California.  Am I bitching about this Big Four thing too much?

Yeah, probably.

Love 'em or hate 'em,  Metallica have had one hell of a career and have gained excellent marketing skills.  Reminds me of what Gene Simmons has done for KISS.  So, as much as I am pissed about this whole Big Four thing, I am excited about a new Metallica record in the future.  Maybe I'll just go buy the damn DVD of the show so I'll quit bitching about it.

Anyway, for some reason, while I was thinking about this, it popped into my head that Metallica was on the show Time Warp.  If you missed that show, here is a clip from it.

Finally, as a bonus, some pictures of the Suicide Girls set to "Master Of Puppets"