People go to Craigslist for many things, trucks, pets, antiques - and chubby redheads.

Every Wednesday morning at 7:30 join The Painman for The Morning After Missed Connections as we explore the side of Craigslist that helps people 'find love'.

As I browsed through the various missed connections this morning, I found there were quite a few people in search of redheads. They say redheads are a rare breed, so rare that people search em out on Craigslist.

Well, today's 'missed connection' is a 35 year-old man who saw a redhead gal with a 'chubby ass' and just had to find out who she is.

Listen to entire 'missed connection' now


If you're too chicken to actually talk to someone, then never fear, Craigslist can help you out (possibly) with their 'missed connections' section.

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