According to NBC news, a California man has returned money that he found after it had been tossed out on the street during a bank robbery.  Now, that's one honest dude.  Would you have done the same?

After robbing the bank, the suspects led the police on a high speed chase, which is the norm for the popo to do when some criminal type stuff happens.  What isn't normal, though, is the suspects throwing wads of cash out of their SUV.  According to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, the robbers chunked cash out of their window at least a dozen times.  This, obviously stirred up some peeps to get hooked up with some free cash - I mean who wouldn't be tempted, right?

Well, one man, Sal Reyes, decided to take the cash he found, and return it.  Now, that has to be the most honest person in the world.  Would you have done the same? Ponder that question while you watch the raw video of the chase.

Check out the raw video of the chase


So, what would you have done if you saw a bunch of cash flying all over the place? Would you grab it and keep it, then go on a spending spree? Or would you return it?