‘True Blood’ fans were treated to a hot and sweaty scene featuring Lucy Griffiths shapely bare backside on Sunday night’s season five premiere.

The British actress joined the cast of HBO’s vampire drama this season as Eric’s sister, Nora, a powerful, sensually charged vampire hottie who likes to keep the love in the family – in more ways than one.

Genre TV fans may know Griffiths as Marian from the BBC’s ‘Robin Hood’ series. The 25-year-old actress is a familiar face to UK TV viewers, having appeared in several shows across the pond before landing the ‘True Blood’ gig.

She was originally cast in The CW’s zombie TV pilot ‘Awakening,’ but when that show fell apart, Griffiths snapped on a pair of fangs and slid into a tight leather outfit to play Nora on ‘True Blood.’ For once, we’re pretty pleased that a network genre show about zombies got scrapped – we’d much rather see Griffiths in a racy, clothing optional role on pay cable than as a fully-clothed network TV star.

You can expect to see Griffiths sliding out of that snug leather outfit a few more time this season on ‘True Blood,’ and she’s also set to co-star in ‘The Numbers Station,’ an upcoming big screen espionage thriller with former ‘Crush’ Malin Akerman and John Cusack.