After 20 years of living in Abilene, one definite thing I can say about our music scene is that it's seriously diverse. From metal to country and everything in between, we got it here in Abilene.

For this round of The Homegrown Show, we'll focus on the heavy side of the Abilene music scene with the band Leland Gaunt.

In the early Autumn of 2011, unique guitarist Jacob Gonzalez (NoKompli, Nevalution, the Apparent) sought out heavy hitting drummer Cory Kendrick (Premenishen, Fixxxer) to create a brutal and diverse metal project with a different approach. With the goal in mind to help re-create the dying Abilene metal scene, Jacob and Cory soon began writing and knocking rust off their instruments. After a few practices, and two very diverse sounding songs, Leland Gaunt was officially born.

A few weeks later, they welcomed the additions of longtime band mate and bassist Levi Smith (Stannic, Nokompli, the Apparent) and talented vocalist Rusty Sparks (Weapon By Choice) with open and excited arms. With this lineup in place, the potential is astounding and the sky is the limit for this talented four piece from West Texas.

With influences from all genres of the musical spectrum, Leland Gaunt aims to hit eager ears with its original sound, and force you to groove and move to the brutality of some "straight blunt forward metal". With moments of All Shall Perish, Gojira, and Mastodon, to the darkness of the Deftones, and the early days of Carlos Santana, there is something in Leland Gaunt's music for just about any fan.


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Leland Gaunt:

  • Rusty Sparks/Vox
  • Jacob Gonzalez/Guitar & Vocals
  • Levi Smith/Bass
  • Cory Kendrink/Drums

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  • Metal
  • Thrash
  • Progressive