Now, that the Dallas Mavericks are NBA champs, Lebron James and the Miami Heat can reflect on exactly what went wrong this year.  I dig the heck out of the fact that they lost.  Even if it were not the Mavs playing in the NBA Finals, I wanted ANYONE to beat the Heat.  Apparently, so did a lot of other people.  In fact, many people took to Twitter to joke about Lebron James. 

Ever since "The Decision" to take his talents to South Beach, Lebron James and the Miami Heat have been under the microscope to win an NBA title - even in the first year.  Personally, I never liked the Heat anyway because of their win over the Mavs in the 2006 NBA Finals.  My hate for the Heat, heated up (pardon the pun) even more, when Lebron James  and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade and were pretty cocky about the fact that they were going to win it all.

Guess, you can't buy a championship.

Regardless, people took to Twitter to make fun of James and here is a look at some of those tweets.