I am so pissed at Korn's record company. They haven't really supported Korn III: Remember Who You Are at all. They have this "two and out" attitude or even agreement with artists (meaning if the first two singles aren't gigantic, they're not going to bother with a third). This is complete stupid, especially since the record company helps pick (and sometimes dictates) the songs promoted. This leads to some music being criminally underpromoted or ignored. More and a great new Korn song after the jump.

Here Korn is going on a HUGE tour and the record company isn't even bothering to support the band by suggesting airplay. The problem is, we in radio, have enormous demands on our time and we can't always go and buy a c.d. and decided what to play on air just due to the volume of what is out there. This is pretty much a layman's look at what is going on, how about you help me decide? Korn is playing this song on tour-it's obvious the band believes in it. Listen to it and tell me if it's not the best song off the new Korn c.d. Let me also say "R.I.P. Roadrunner Records", you used to care for your artists.