Sometimes things come along that look so cool (in this case, literally) that  you just want it right now. Such as the case as this new Marshall Fridge that Kerry King from Slayer showed off. I want one. Now.

The Marshall Fridge looks just like a regular amp, and is even made with authentic Marshall parts, including control knobs that go all the way up to 11. It's 4.4 cubic feet will definitely give you enough room for plenty of beer. And, the freezer can chill the harder stuff.

The Marshall Fridge, which came out last year, is available for $399. It's worth noting that it would be the perfect gift for me.

Check out this NSFW video of Kerry King talking about the new Marshall Fridge, as well as Marshall's commercial promo for it below.

Watch Kerry King Show Off The Marshall Fridge

Marshall Fridge Commercial