Stop what you're doing and check out Kate Upton rocking out this  bridal bikini and looking smoking hot in the process.  The video you're about to watch has been formatted to fit your perverted mind.  Enjoy the video and the gallery I have included of this smokin' hot  Sports Illustrated swimsuit model - Kate Upton.  Yowsers!!

In the video, Kate is posing for Beach Bunny bridal swimwear who specialize in hotness for the ladies.   So, go ahead and hit play.  You know what you want to!

Awesome video, right? I think I've watched it about 27 times.
As a bonus, I've also included a gallery of this beautiful babe.

You can see more pictures of this shoot with Kate Upton at FHM. Enjoy the day and feel free to look at this video and gallery as many times as you want to today, tomorrow, the next day, etc - trust me, you'll want to.