I loves my girl Jenna Marbles but hey, that’s my business.  She puts up weekly videos on the interweb, but I try to share only the really unique and fun ones with you.  This one is just in time for those of you who like to get together and play board or drinking games during the weekend.  More after the jump.

You know when you play Monopoly there really isn’t supposed to be a “prize” when you land on “Free Parking”, right?  See, you made up a rule (or got it from somebody else) that made that game more fun.  Now imagine expanding on that a bit.  Also, if you are a beer pong player, make sure you wait until the end of the video for the “Troll” rule which is epic.  Without further ado, here’s Jenna, Marbles, Kermie & Spiderman.