Jane’s Addiction played a free corporate gig on Monday night (July 25th) at Manhattan’s Terminal Five, yeah I don’t know what that is either but I heard it was in an airport. The show was billed as “the world’s first 3D user-generated concert.” The gig, which featured women suspended from the ceiling by hooks in their skin, an elaborate laser show and animal-shaped floats, was staged to promote a new 3D phone from LG. 100 audience members were given phones to record the show, and their footage, along with HD footage shot during the gig, will combine to create a 3D YouTube webcast that will premiere on August 4th. The band did a 12-song set including a new single “Irresistible Force,” which will officially premiere online next week. The “LG Thrill” YouTube channel will post two songs a day from Monday night’s show leading up to the August 4th

There’s also a few videos of the pre-show that are in 3D. They claim this thing will be 3D but with no glasses needed. I don’t know how its supposed to work but we’ll see soon enough. Here are the pre-show videos.