Want a chance to jam with Cavo when they hit Abilene on May 1st?  We got ya covered!

We have a contest going on right now where the winner gets hooked up with one heck of a prize.  If you win, you'll get to jam with Cavo during their soundcheck.  If you can't jam, it's no big deal, you still get to hang with the band while they do their soundcheck, plus we'll give you a pair of tickets to the show and a drum head signed by Cavo.

Pretty sweet deal, right? A chance to jam with some real rock stars plus free stuff!

If you missed them last time, don't miss them this time when they play at the Lucky Mule.

Listen to the acoustic version of "Champagne", performed in the Rock 108 studios, the last time they were in town.

Cavo - "Champagne"