Working for a mad genius can be a weird gig. You might make it big, you might be in a dungeon eating cockroaches. Evidently being in the group Boston is somewhere in between.

Boston, who sold so many albums that they could of bought, let’s say, THE WORLD, has a weird history. Leader Tom Scholtz made a ton of money with his inventions (like the guitar ROCKMAN) that he never really had to put 100% of his time in the group. Some say this is why original lead singer Brad Delp committed suicide; he was closely identified with the group, but the group rarely did anything. Now Boston’s latest replacement singer/guitarist has quit the gig to return to his other band, get this, STRYPER (yes, they of the God-Fearing Yellow and Black attack).

At the end of the day, Boston was always a “faceless” rock band, most people wouldn’t know the members if they were bit on the ass by them. I’m sure Tom Scholtz will just find another replacement singer like every other hack classic rock act out there. Currently Styx, Foreigner and many others have “replacement” singers. It’s got to the point were classic rock bands are like classic Coke; nobody really knows the ingredients. Wikipedia shows that band has had at least 18 members in it’s history.

Yeah, I’m aware some of you kids are going “who the f@ck is Boston?” Well close your eyes and listen to the original band and the replacement band, even the the audio isn’t as good with the original band, you can tell that version of the song was vastly superior.