In This Moment is a California band that's been around since 2005. They've experienced a moderate amount of success with songs like 'Beautiful Tragedy', 'Forever', and 'Call Me' (Blondie cover). Then came 'The Promise', a song that Maria Brink (singer) sang with Adrian Patrick of Otherwise. That song was really the one that made In This Moment a recognizable name across the rock format.

Then, all of the sudden, the song 'Blood' hit radio and everything changed. This is one of those songs that vaults a band into the upper echelon of bands. It's intense, passionate, energetic and pure. You'd never think it would be translated acoustically...but In This Moment did it and hit a home run with the acoustic version (like they did the original.

In This Moment performed this live on a TV morning show up in Wyoming. Amazing isn't a good enough word.

Check it out.

In This Moment will be playing the Lucky Mule on Friday, November 2nd. Keep listening for your chance at free tickets.