So yesterday, I wrote this rant about what happens when it snows, and how drivers in Abilene can't drive when the weather gets bad.  I fully anticipated the roads to be all jacked up this morning, at least for the first part of the morning.  Apparently, my blog jinxed the snow.  Sorry!

Man, did I miss that call.  Granted, we had a 30% chance of snow last night and when I looked at the radar, the ice appeared to be coming this way.

Then,  just as a lot of storms do in Abilene , whether it be rain or snow, it dissipates, and we got zilch! It's almost like there is a big ass bubble over Abilene.

Weather, especially in West Texas, is very unpredictable.  I have seen massive thunderstorms heading directly our way, only to either die completely, or change directions. It's crazy!

Now, I am no meteorologist, but I do have a passion for weather and have even been certified to chase tornadoes.  So I do know a little about weather, however, not enough to call myself a weatherman.  In fact, I probably know more about the porn industry than the weather.  I try though, and when the weather forecast says it's going to snow, I simply pass that information along.  Obviously, we didn't get s*&#.  I jinxed us! Sorry!

So, I am going to say that it will be nice and sunny with no chance of rain and hope the reverse psychology works and we get beat with some much needed rain.

To celebrate my prediction, here are some hot girls playing volleyball. Have a nice, sunny day!