In any marriage, there are times when either the husband or the wife don't always get what they want. It's marriage. It happens. But, when your spouse throws a temper tantrum like the wife your about to see does in this video, it's a whole different ballgame. Watch as this wife throws an epic fit just because she can't go to the lake.

The man who videotaped the whole thing is named Jim. Apparently, his other half wanted to go to the lake. But, instead of going, the man decided he needed to have his truck fixed. So, the whole lake thing wasn't going to happen. This upset the wife. A lot. And, Jim got it all on tape.

Watch as this woman throws the most epic temper tantrum you'll ever see. I will warn you that there is some NSFW language used.

Wife Throws Epic Temper Tantrum

I like how cool and calm the guy remained. Also, it's worth noting that, according to Gawker, the man has moved out and has filed a restraining order.