A husband recently recorded his drunk wife making 'grilled cheeses' out of string cheese and 'Gold Fish' for one hilarious video that we can all relate to.

After a night on the town boozin' it up, most people will get the beer munchies and either head off to the local Whataburger, or simply go home to make a tasty feast. If going home is chosen, those late night meals can get pretty interesting. Check out this hilarious video a husband recently recorded of his drunk (and hot we might add) wife creating her masterpiece of string cheese on 'Gold Fish' - or as she calls it, 'grilled cheeses'. Most of us can relate.

What's funny to me about this story, is that I had my own grilled cheese failure myself over the weekend. Even though I have cooked grilled cheese sandwiches a million times, I still managed to burn the heck out of them and fill up the house with smoke which set off the smoke detectors. Fortunately for me, and you, my wife did not record that. Especially since I was not wearing any clothes.

What food fail have you had after a late night of boozin'?