As many of you already know, Hurricane Irene hit the east coast and turned people into absolute morons. As is usually the case, their stupidity is our win for comedy! Here I present to you three of the dumber videos I have found so far and a link to another one. Don’t fret though, I’ll find more for you.

Video #1 is of an intrepid cub reporter who freaks the hell out over a tiny wave.

Video #2 contains a nice young lady out doing a hurricane pub crawl with some advice for her fellow citizens.

In video #3 we find a reporter with the most unfortunate choice of live shot locations. A weatherman from D.C. named Tucker Barnes did his report on Hurricane Irene from the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, and he was covered in a mysterious brown foam. Barnes said it was, quote, “organic material,” and thought it might be plankton, mixed with sand and salt. But in reality, it was more likely sand and salt mixed with raw sewage. And while he was trying to figure out what it was, Barnes spit on the ground and said, quote, “It doesn’t taste great.”

And finally a link to a video where a reporter is doing his thing and a group of fun loving guys, who look to be in the middle of a pick up game of hurricane street football, run through. The guy in the red shorts is especially noticeable since he pulls down his drawers and reveals all he has to offer to the multitudes of Weather Channel viewers. Yes, live. Here’s that piece of Peabody award winning weather coverage.