Every little boy dreams of being able to fly like a bird. Just stick one in the backyard with a backpack and his imagination and suddenly, he’s turned into The Rocketeer. That’s assuming that the little boy in question grew up in the 90s or their parents have a really lame selection of VHS movies.

Now parents who can’t afford to buy their kids an actual rocket powered backpack (we’re assuming that’s everyone on the planet except Mitt Romney’s mom and dad) can build one with nothing more than a few household objects, some paint and (of course) love. It’s actually very cool looking for a collection of recycled household items.

The recipe comes from an innovative parent who created one for his little boy. It’s also cheaper to do than you think. He took two large soda bottles and coated them in silver spray paint, attached them to a piece of cardboard with some strong ribbons for backpack straps and put some crepe paper strips on the end to simulate flames.

If you’re the kind of parent who doesn’t go through soda fast enough for the bottles, you can replace them with a couple of Pringles cans or some tennis ball canisters for a retro, “Looney Tunes” look. It’s also a bit easier to make, so your kid can actually help with the build.

Of course, if you want a jetpack that actually works, you can always buy the real thing such as this $15,000 air-powered flying beast or a water powered jetpack nicknamed the “Flyboard.” And if you’re seriously considering buying one of these for your little ones, we’re willing to put ourselves up for adoption.