For the next 3 weeks, our Question of the Week is going to have a little theme called 'How Old is Too Old'.  Let's face it, some people may be just a little too old to be doing certain things.  So, let's dive on in and see what you guys think about Mohawks. How is is too old to have one? When you think of a Mohawk, you might think of a punk rocker, some kid in a rebellious state or someone checking out a sporting event with their multicolored spiked hair.  Generally, you don't think of some old timer having one - but it happens.  I've seen people of all ages throw down on several different versions of the Mohawk, but how old is too old?

Here is what was said so far.

So, what are your thoughts?  How old is too old to have a Mohawk?  Get in on the Question of the Week by leaving your comment below.