I love this little cartoon/test.  It features scenes and/or characters from famous and not so famous horror movies.  The cartoons are faceless so that makes the quiz a little harder.  I just shouted out the names of the ones I knew and I think I got about 20 of 26.  How many can you get?  Can you beat White Chocolate at his own game?  Let’s see how you do after the break.

Can you beat my 20 of 26?  It’s on the honor system here.  Well, you better have a witness, because if you get more than me I’m calling you out as a damn liar.  Go ahead there wiseguy, try to beat the king!  I’m even helping you out as far as giving you one so you know how the game works.  The “C” and the picture next to it obviously stand for “Chucky”.  Get it?  That’s how it works, now go get it on!