This week's Hot Twitter Girl of the Week is not only a hottie, but she's a sex advisor for Maxim.  You know, life is all about learning and pushing forward, so, not only do you get a little eye candy this week, but you can get a little advice as well.  Learning is fun! Meet Paola Corvea. Paola, is a model and sex adviser for Maxim Espanol.  This Latin beauty enjoys sky diving, vacationing, and, of course, posting up hot pictures on her Twitter feed.  Paola has a Facebook page and an official website as well.

The only knock on her is that she is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but we won't hold it against her, but we'd sure like to.

Enjoy this week's Hot Twitter Girl of the Week, and sex advisor -Paola Corvea.

Hot Pictures of Paola