I heard that looking at hot girls is actually healthy for you because it increases your heart rate which gives your heart a little cardio workout and, in turn, burns extra calories.  Let's test this theory by looking at Hot Twitter Girl of the Week- Caitlin O'Connor. 

Caitlin is a model and actresss who has been featured on a slew of music videos,  MTV, Maxim, Playboy and a ton of other magazines.  The L.A. native also loves to post up some serious hot pictures of herself on her Twitter feed.  You can find out more on Caitlin on her Facebook page and her official site.

Enjoy this week's Hot Twitter Girl of the Week - Caitlin O'Connor.

Hot Pictures of Caitlin


Also, check out her Dallas Cowboy uniform video shoot. I knew there was a reason I liked her.

Caitlin's Dallas Cowboy Uniform Video