Adrianne Curry may be best known for being the very first woman to win 'Americas Best Top Model'.  She might also be known as the girl that used to be the main squeeze of the dude that played Peter Brady, Christopher Knight. Now she'll be known as our Hot Twitter Girl of the Week.

Adrianne has been featured in Playboy, Maxim and in several TV shows.  On her Twitter page, she describes herself as bipolar, but judging by the second picture in the gallery below, it should maybe be bi-something else?  Giggity.  This cool as hell girl is a big fan of Nine Inch Nails, video games and digs going to Comic Con.  In fact, you'll see a few pictures of her all dressed up for the annual event.  You'll also see that she loves her some Jager. Man, how did Christopher Knight drop the ball on this girl?

Anyway, enjoy this week's Hot Twitter Girl of the Week - Adrianne Curry.  Oh, and the video will cause  your mouth to drop to the ground because it is epic!  Stupid Peter Brady.

Hot Pictures of Adrianne

Get fit with Adrianne Curry - Holy Smokes!!