Many of us who fell hook, line and sinker for Hoobastank after hearing their hit song 'The Reason' in 2003 have been wondering if the California-based rock band will deliver another mega-hit record. Only time will tell, but the band is hard at it, and has a catchy new song, 'Incomplete' to offer that may be their ticket to return to mainstream radio.

'Incomplete' is an up-tempo, melodic rock song that shows up on their fifth studio CD, 'Fight or Flight'. It's fun, catchy and easy to sing along to. It's got love song lyrics without all the sappy, whiny stuff. It's a terrific song to crank up in the summer. 'Incomplete' opens with a punchy drum beat joined by a clean, quick guitar riff before getting to the lyrics:

Haven't known you long enough
But now I'm seeing why
You're always on my mind
No one else has ever made me open up my eyes
You're the one that made me realize, realize

The chorus has great sing-along potential. While the tempo doesn't slow, the words have more room to breathe, allowing the listener to process, and sing with the song no matter what they've been drinking. Also, the message of 'Incomplete' is summed up nicely:

I've been incomplete
Missing a part of me
Blinded by the fear of something new
But now I see
All along what's missing has been you

There's no guesswork involved in figuring out what 'Incomplete' is all about. No mystery, no hidden meanings. Easy to appreciate.

Try to find a missing piece
To fill a hole in me
A lonely mystery
Thought I had it figured out
But then you came along
And with just a look
I knew that I was wrong, I was wrong

For the sake of full disclosure, you may have already heard 'Incomplete' before. It has been featured on a television commercial for the Subaru Forester.

This is a great vocal performance from Doug Robb. In fact, the whole band sounds great. This is a cool band, and I'm glad they're still going at it nearly 2 decades after bringing Hoobastank into existence. 'Incomplete' is a pop-rock song that, when you look and listen carefully, could cross genres into a Christian format. Honest. Take a listen here:

This is a really good song. It's a song that belongs in the mainstream. And let's give credit where credit is due: Hoobastank is a really good band. Good enough to have another big hit - several, even - and 'Incomplete' is a good enough song to be one of them.