So, on Wednesday December 21st an internet hoax about the death of rock legend Jon Bon Jovi spread like wildfire. It became so viral that is was the top trending topic for Twitter and Facebook for hours. To put the rumors to rest, Bon Jovi posted a picture of himself on his band's Twitter page. In the picture he held a sign that read "Heaven Looks a lot Like New Jersey" and it also included the date (12/21/2011) and time (6pm) to dispel the rumor of his death.

Well, local musician Orlando Estrada, of the bands 180 and 360, along with Shawn Chevalier wrote and recorded a song about the rumored death of Bon Jovi.

The song includes references about Bon Jovi hits as well as the lyrics "where were you at when Bon Jovi died".

I'm sure you'll find it as humorous as I do, check it out and let me know what you think.