Simply put, The Exploding Heads are a group of comedians who make hilarious videos. In their own words "there's some sick-ass stuff going on".

One of their recent videos features highlights of a New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox game, but with a twist. The twist is Anthony Richardson, one third of The Exploding Heads, overdubbing his bad British commentary.

If you hate baseball, this will make you love it. If you love baseball, this just may make you pee your pants in laughter.

With such exclamations like "wowzers in me trousers it's a home run" and "Mork and Mindy, that's going for six", this is easily one of the funniest 'overdub' videos you'll ever see.

One of the funniest parts is his comparison of Ichiro Suzuki to actor Joseph Gorden-Levitt.

Check out the video and be on the lookout for more from The Exploding Heads.