It's getting to be prom season again, and with that comes the part where young dudes all over the world are asking someone to go with them. One high school kid is going over the heads of all the silly teenage girls at his school, and going straight to the mother of all hotties, Kate Upton.

High School senior Jake Davidson decided that, instead of dreaming of Kate Upton, he would ask one of the hottest women in the world if she would go to his senior prom. The video, posted March 16th, has gone viral, and shows how slick the dude is with his words. Surely Kate will be swooned by the fast talking high schooler. So far, monkeys have not flown out of unmentionable places as Kate has yet to respond.

Check out this smooth talker asking Kate to the prom

Do you think this kid's words will lure pure hottness to his prom?