You should know me by now, it's pretty hard to get a bad review out of me, and now Two In A Row? Yep. Matt Damon and the legendary Clint Eastwood have just pissed me off! Read more after the break.

So Matt Damon is a psychic that can talk to the dead and stuff. This French woman pretty much gets killed by a Tsunami and brought back to life. And thus begins a supernatural thriller? No, it's a drama that turns into a love story! This has to be one of the most misleading stories ever and even features an incredibly sad side storyline about twin brothers. This movie was complete and utter bullshit. Yes, I'm not even editing the the word this time, that's how bad it was. Not only was all the marketing misleading, the movie would have sucked if they told you what it was.

The trailer doesn't even follow the storyline and features stuff that wasn't in the movie.



To get the taste of this crapfest out of your mouth, here's Sara Silverman's "I'm F@cking Matt Damon".