The limited edition "It's Good to be Bad Ass" t-shirts are here and you can get one with your Rock-A-Holic VIP points now.These are seriously "bad ass" shirts. They're long sleeve, black shirts with the Rock 108 logo over the left pocket area with the slogan "It's Good To Be Bad Ass" down the right arm.

The only way you can get one of these limited edition shirts is through the VIP club, so, if you're not a member, then sign up today and start earning points. We're selling these shirts for 25,000 VIP points each...and they're worth it.

If you're low on points or about to be a new VIP, then don't forget you can earn 2,500 with the Rock Show Word of the Day at 9:35 each weekday morning. Another 2,500 can be earned with the Band of the Day, each weekday at 12:35pm each weekday with the Painman. Finally, Chaz hooks you up with 2,500 with the Drink of the Day, each weekday at 5:35. So, that's 7,500 you can earn in just one day.

Get your new Rock 108 Long Sleeve Tee today!