As we get older, obviously, the child stars we remember watching on TV or on the big screen do as well.  Some of them turned out to be not so hot, while others turned out finer than a frog hair split four ways.  Here's my top 5 former TV child stars who grew up hot.

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Though, she is not the hottest on my list, there is just something about Drew Barrymore that says sexy.  Drew stole our hearts in the movie E.T. and since then has done several movies and has gotten hotter and hotter over the years.  If you  have ever questioned the sexiness of Drew, Google her.  Here's a clip from the movie when the whole world fell in love with her.

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I used to watch the show 'Who's The Boss' all the time when I was growing up.  Looking back, that was one cheesy show, but it did produce Alyssa Milano, who played 'Sam' in the show.  I think I can speak for every red blooded man (and most girls) in the world by saying she can be our boss anytime because she's smokin' hot!  Here's a clip of Alyssa growing up on the show.


Tiffani might be best known for her role as 'Kelly Kapowski' on the show 'Saved By The Bell' - at least that is how I remember her best.  She also played some bitchy girl on the show 'Beverly Hills 90210', but I never watched that show.  I have, however, watched her grow up to be one hot babe.  Check out this video of her growing up throughout the years.  Oh, and listen to the words of the song in the video.  It's hilarious!


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Danielle played 'Topanga' in the hit show 'Boy Meets World'. She should start a show called 'Men Meet Topanga'.  There is just something about those lips and eyes that make her one sexy lady.  These days, she pretty much keeps a low profile, but she does update her Twitter account often.  Want to see Danielle kissing another girl?  Of course you do.  Unfortunately, I can't embed the video here, but you can go to YouTube to check it out.  In the meantime, check out some pretty funny standup stuff from Danielle.

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Sarah played the second 'Becky' on the show 'Roseanne', but she is probably better known for her role as 'Dr. Elliot Reid' on 'Scrubs'. In fact, it took me awhile to figure out that it was the same girl.  She is definitely one of those that grew up hot.  How hot?  Check out this video of Sarah's sexiest scenes from 'Scrubs', and tell me she is not hot.

So, that is a look at my top 5 former TV child stars who grew up hot. What hotties would make your list?