Recently, Texas rockers Flyleaf announced that singer Lacey Sturum was no longer in the band. The scramble began to replace one of the best female singers in the rock genre.  Well, it didn't take long for the band to find another singer and play a secret show in their home state of Texas.

The new Flyleaf lineup, with new singer Kristen May(pictured above), made a live debut at a secret show in Bryan, Texas over the weekend. A local radio station was having a CD release party for the band Signal Rising, and since Flyleaf and the lead singer of that band were longtime friends, Flyleaf asked if they could use their show as a warm-up show.

Below are two fan filmed videos of Flyleaf, with their new singer, playing the songs 'All Around Me' and 'Fully Alive'. I don't think she does a bad job at all, but check out the videos for  yourself.

The latest Flyleaf album, 'New Horizons' (their last with singer Lacey) is in stores now.

Flyleaf 'All Around Me' With New Singer

Flyleaf 'Fully Alive' With New Singer

So, what do you think of the new singer of Flyleaf?