Ever wonder if cops pull over other cops for speeding or other moving violations? I know that other cops get pulled over from time to time, but usually they are in their personal car - not their patrol car. Check out this Florida State Trooper who pulls over a Miami cop for speeding - and arrests him. Miami Police Officer, Fausto Lopez, was speeding down a highway with no red and blue lights on and going 120mph.  Well, the State Trooper spots him, and attempts to pull him over but apparently it takes a while for the other cop to pull over.  So, when the cop finally stops, the trooper pulls her gun out and thinking the car was stolen.  When she discovers he is actually a cop, she still slaps the cuffs on him.  His excuse?  He was late for a side job.  You would think he could come up with something a lot better than that.

Anyway, check out the video now.

Have you ever seen a cop pull another cop over?