Last month, we revealed the lyric video for the song 'First of the Last' from the band Fight or Flight which features members of Disturbed and Evans Blue. Now the band has released the official video for the song.

Fight or Flight features drummer Mike Wengren and guitarist Dan Donegan from Disturbed, and Evans Blue singer Dan Chandler.

The video bounces back and forth between the band performing, and clips of different types of social events that affect us all. In fact, Donegan recently told Revolver:

“It is our right to stand up and ask questions,” Donegan says of the song and video. “That is the only way to get to the truth! We shouldn’t go through life being spoon fed by the media or our government and accept everything we are told. The more we educate ourselves, the better we are at understanding what the future holds for us and our children. The message of this video is to lead you to those questions and for you to decide where you stand. Open your eyes and your mind and draw your own conclusions.”

The song 'First of the Last' can be found on the new album 'A Life By Design?', which comes out on July 23rd. I think the song is pretty cool and you can definitely tell it's the singer from Evans Blue - especially when you hear him scream in the middle of the song.  You can preorder the new album from the band and download the new single on iTunes.

For more on Fight of Flight, check out their Facebook page.

Watch the video for the new song and let us know in the comments section below what you think about it.

Fight or Flight Official Video for 'First of the Last'