Like many of you, my head and chest has been congested for the past few weeks. My issue is because of allergies.

During this recent allergy attack I had a sneeze that needed to come out for about 15 minutes. Literally, 15 minutes of my eyes watering with my head tilted back and mouth somewhat open as I was ready to blast "Achoo".

Then, finally I was able to sneeze. The relief I felt was overwhelming. At that second I thought to myself "whew, that was better than sex".

First off, I really don't think there's anything that's better than sex. But, we've all had those moments where we exclaimed "that was better than sex".

I guess, at the time, that particular feeling could be better than sex because of the situation you're in, like my desperate need to sneeze.

Here's a list of things/feelings that feel better than sex.

  • A good sneeze that's been lingering for countless minutes
  • Ear sex with a Q-tip. That's when your ear itches and the only thing that can provide relief is a good workover with a Q-tip
  • The first bite of a perfectly cooked steak
  • #1 after holding it in forever. #1 is 'pee pee' for those that don't know. For example, the morning pee
  • #2 after holding it in forever. Like #1, the relief following a good #2 is damn-near orgasmic
  • Massage. Be it foot, hand, back or full-body, there isn't anything that can beat a good massage
  • Sleeping in. I wake up at the butt-crack of dawn, so being able to sleep in is a precious gift
  • A good fart. If you argue this then you need to fart because you're full of sh-t.

So, do you have any to add to this list? If so, drop it in the comment section below.

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