Man, with so many killer songs in 2013, it's hard to really pick just 10. But, for time purposes, and the fact that I can't count past 10, here are my favorite rock songs that blasted through my ears this year while doing my show on Rock 108. See if you agree with my list, which is in no particular order.

1. Avenged Sevenfold 'Hail to the King'

There were a lot of people saying that the band ripped off this song (and others on the album) from metal bands like Megadeth and Metallica. Yes, the song does have that old metal feel to it, but it’s still a killer tune in my book. I dig that vintage sound that has proven to still be relative to the newer rock that’s out there.  In fact, I liked the album ‘Hail to the King’ so much, there are two songs on that album that made this list.

Here's the video for the song.

2. Avenged Sevenfold 'Shepherd of Fire'

See. I told you...another A7X song. I honestly have a hard time figuring out which song I liked the best. I think they are both equally awesome. So, by a coin flip, this one makes the number 2 slot. (not that these are in any particular order)

Check out the video while I go get another...uh, beverage.

3. Pop Evil 'Deal With the Devil'

This song starts off with this killer, crunchy groove that just makes you bob your head. These guys have come a long way in a short amount of time and just continue to crank out some cool tunes.

4. Alter Bridge 'Addicted to Pain'

I've said it before and I'll say it again, those Creed boys can jam. You take out Scott Stapp and put in Myles Kennedy, and that's probably the greatest rock move ever. No disrespect to Stapp, but, just listen to this song. It's heavy, it's fast and it's better suited to be turned up loud.

5. Five Finger Death Punch 'Lift Me Up'

This song is the epitome of heavy and metal. I mean, for crying out loud, it's got Judas Priest's Rob Halford in it. You can't get much more metal than that. Plus it's a proven fact that during this song, your beverage goes down much faster.

This is the video of the band performing the song live with Rob Halford at the 2013 Golden God Awards.

6. Alice in Chains 'Hollow'

From the album 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here', 'Hollow' was the first single of one of the best albums (in my opinion) to come out in 2013. This song screams vintage Alice in Chains. You know, I've used the term 'vintage' a lot in this blog. Maybe I am the dinosaur and the devil put me here?

7. Device 'You Think You Know'

When this new song came out, it obviously sounded very much like Disturbed. That's because Dave Drainman is singing in it. Who else do you think it would sound like? That being said, Drainman's voice, to me, is the only thing that sounds like Disturbed. This has more of an industrial sound to it. Plus, it has some amazing production so it sounds awesome turned up loud on my stereo system.

8. Sevendust 'Decay'

I've always been a huge Sevendust fan. And, since they put out a new album in 2013, it's no surprise that one of their songs made my list. The song is vintage Sevendust and makes me want to bounce my head off of the ceiling.

9. Motionless in White 'America'

I have to tell you, that until they came to Abilene in 2013, I didn't really listen much to the band. I huge mistake on my part. These guys can definitely rock your ears off and this song makes me want to tackle a bear and teach it how to fetch me beer.

Speaking of which, gotta hit the fridge while you watch the video.


By the way, when I looked up this video on YouTube, I found this little gem of the band covering Metallica's 'My Friend in Misery' for a tribute album. It's pretty sick.

10. Korn 'Love and Meth'

Why they didn't release this single before their first single 'Never Never' is beyond me. This song proves that Korn came back in a big way in 2013. Of course, they had a little help as Brian 'Head' Welch got back in the band and it was like old times - but, without the meth. Killer song.

As with many lists, there are some honorable mentions:

  • Sick Puppies 'There's No Going Down'
  • All That Remains 'What If I Was Nothing'
  • Deftones 'Romantic Dreams'
  • Bullet For My Valentine 'Breaking Point'
  • In This Moment 'Adrenalize'
  • Love and Death 'Meltdown'

So, that's my list of my favorite rock songs that came across the airwaves on Rock 108.

What were you favorite songs?