I guess I just don’t understand people anymore. There are some that think they can trash people on the web/Facebook and not expect it to come back on them.  These “social media” sites are not fantasy sites like Warcraft. Read more after the break.

If you call someone or something a name online, it’s going to come back on you. You are insulting real people with real jobs and real friends. If you don’t expect them to take it personally, you’re insane.

Your future employers will look at your social media interactions and use them to predict your behavior with customers.  The girls and guys you date will see how you behave before they get further into the relationship.  The things you post will come back to haunt you.

People have lost jobs, lost lawsuits and more from a few careless words on the internet. Also keep in mind that the internet doesn’t know you were ‘drinking and didn’t really mean it.’  So be careful out there guys and remember when you put it on the web, it’s there forever.