As Hollywood Undead prepares for the release of their new album "Notes From The Underground", Danny, J-Dog, and Daren took some time to chat about the album, their fans, the evolution of their masks and more.

Oh, we also talked about boobs.

Prepare yourself, these are groundbreaking questions I'm asking these fine gents and their answers are given in all seriousness. Absolutely no sarcasm was injected by them or myself.

During your tour with Avenged Sevenfold last year you guys announced you’ll be going back into the studio to work on a new album and rumor has it a single is on the way soon. Has the specific song been decided or are you guys tossing around a few different songs to lead with? 

J-Dog - We just about finished the record. It's being mixed right now but it won't be coming out till next year. We're going to release a new song called "We Are". No one should be disappointed

Danny - Ya we've been working on the new record for the past 10 months. And me thinks it's gonna make you sh*t your Pants. Just imagine your Britches full of sh*t. We've picked our first single but by the time you read this you should already know what it is. I probably shouldn’t say just yet.

(editors note: the single 'We Are' was released the day after this interview was conducted)

You guys have toured with just about everybody, including A7X in which I previously mentioned, did any of those bands have any influence on the direction you went with the new album?

J-Dog - Touring with different bands, it's usually good to watch or learn from them cause you can learn stuff for your live show or possibly song writing from different bands if you feel like paying attention. But there are probably not a lot of bands that can influence a whole Hollywood Undead record cause there’s already enough going on in the group as it is. Plus we tend to tour with metal bands and we're not metal

Danny - Not really sure if anything was intentionally taken as an influence but when you spend a long time with different bands on the road and hearing their music every night (it) can rub off on a musician without them even knowing it has.

Daren – After touring with A7X, I just wanted more things catching fire. Their pyro setup was amazing. It has influenced me outside of HU just in my own writing. Plus, I get to meet and hear bands live that I wouldn't otherwise ever be exposed to.

I saw a video of your recent performance at Buzzfest in Houston and the crowd was insane for your set. Is that pretty typical for a HU show? What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen from the stage during one of your sets?

Danny - For the most part we've been blessed to have such insanely loyal fans that get down with us. Well boobs are always (fun) to look at. Big ones, small ones, weird ones, nice ones. Boobs are crazy!

Daren - For me, from the stage I saw a guy in a wheelchair just dominating this huge mosh pit we had. He was taking out toes and crotches like a boss.

I hear rumors that the HU masks will evolve…can you spill the beans on how they’ll look or are they still in the creative stage? Also, at what point in the show does the band say “dammit these are hot, let’s take them off”?

Danny - Ya we always try our best to make them evolve with each new album to give our fans something new to see when they come to see us perform. Ya they get hot, but we think it's worth it cuz it sets us apart from every other band. And we usually take them off after our 2nd or 3rd song.

What sets HU apart from all the other bands we hear on the radio?

Danny - I guess one thing that I've noticed is that we're really close as a band and I think our fans and anyone else that watches us perform can really see that we genuinely enjoy what we get to do.

Daren - There’s always another voice, another mask, another flow coming at you with every verse. HU is a band with six lead singers. With each song, you get a completely different set of vocal styles. Some of them switch off on guitar, bass and keyboards. Da Kurlzz and I are the only ones that stay on the same instruments. So, it’s not your traditional band setup.

I always thought ‘Hear Me Now’ would be funny as ‘Hear Me Meow’ for a cat food commercial featuring a bunch of cats with masks in a mosh pit…behind the scenes, do you guys have parodies of your own music?

Danny - Ya we have a friend at home that would always make every song of ours about farting. Pretty genius stuff!

Daren - Genius?

After hearing a couple of tracks from the new album, I can promise it'll jiggle your chicken sack.

'Notes from the Underground' is due out January 2013.

Hollywood Undead's new single "We Are" is available at iTunes now and can be heard on ever rock station across the nation.

Here's a freebie from my buddies in Hollywood Undead.

Check out the lyric video to 'We Are'

Thank you J-Dog, Danny, & Daren for answering my mind numbing questions.

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