March 8, 2013 | 6:00 pm - 11:55 pm
Lucky Mule Saloon
1850 South Clack, Abilene, TX 79605 United States

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It has been a year of changes for Rich O’Toole. He launched his own independent label, parted ways with those who didn’t see his vision and stepped out of the genre specific box of Texas Country. He is now American Country that appeals to all. Abilene has its chance to see the reinvented Rich O'Toole, along with special guest The Remains, Friday, March 8th at the Lucky Mule Saloon.



Cost: 21 and over $10.00 in advance, 18+ welcome with ID for an additional $3

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Friday, March 8th. Doors open at 6:00pm


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Phone: (325) 232-8564

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The Remains

The Remains started January 1 of 2012 after members of the Kevin Seale Band hooked up with Boone Cook after Kevin made the decision to retire from the road. After a lot of discussion and debate the band decided to take on the name The Remains as they felt it truly described the situation.

The addition of Boone Cook brings to the table an accomplished songwriter and performer to front the road seasoned foursome from KSB. Boone played bass for the band 80 Proof for many years where he toured and played with some of the best artist on the Texas and national scene. His songwriting proved popular as a song Boone penned hit #12 on the Texas Music charts. The song "Maybe" was cut by 80 Proof and became extremely popular on Texas radio. During his days with them he had the opportunity to play with Wes Manley where at that point they formed a solid friendship.

The former members of the Kevin Seale Band bring in the work ethic and road savey needed to keep the dream alive. They performed hard driving music behind Kevin weekend after weekend and honed their skill in from of thousands of people over many years. Kevin's last album would be their last time to record together as KSB and their musicianship helped that album be successful on Texas radio.

The means something to the guys in the band and we hope it means something to you! This may be a new band but the hard work and musical abilities of those in it are not new to the scene. When you hear this band for the first time, you'll be hooked!

Rich O'Toole

Who is Rich O’Toole? Rich cannot be defined or put into a box. Is he a country artist? Yes. Is he an independent artist? Yes. Does he make music for everyone? Yes. Rich has a passion to make music for the masses whether a person loves country, rock or rap. He wants to appeal to all. Make no mistake, Rich O’Toole is an artist that draws you in with his dynamic, sultry voice, every guitar lick and the rich, passion of his voice, not to mention the daring lyrics that ring so true, that leave the listener in awe. So is the case, with his PTO Records manifesto, BrightWork. Rich has redefined his own music and wants to be known as an artist, not as an artist in a specific regional genre. “I want to play music I believe in without being labeled. Don’t put a name on it. Work hard and work for your fans.”

Here's Rich O'Toole's official video for 'Messin' Around':